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Switch to Viking Bank

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Download Full Switch Kit Here

Make the Switch to Viking

With these four easy steps to success.
  1. Open and Start using your Viking Bank account.

    We will partner with you to help you choose the accounts and services that best fit you.

  2. Create your electronic transaction checklist.

    It only takes a minute to review your old account for direct deposits and automatic payments. Use the enclosed Transaction Checklist to identify all direct deposits and automatic payments.
    Transaction Checklist

  3. Change online and recurring deposits and withdrawals.

    Use the Transaction Checklist to change all direct deposits and automatic payments to your new Viking Bank account. Be sure to remember automatic payments from your debit card. While most direct deposit or automatic payments can be changed online or by phone, paper change forms are also included in this kit for your convenience.
    Payroll Direct Deposit Form      Direct Deposit Form       Automatic Payment Form

  4. Close your former account.

    After all of your checks have cleared and your direct deposits and automatic payments begin posting to your new Viking Bank account, complete and send the Request to Close Account(s) form to your former bank. We will be happy to assist you with completing and sending the form. Some institutions may require additional information.
    Request to Close Account(s) Form

If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to call us at 320-762-0236. We are here to eliminate the hassles, to make your switch easy.